Gail Glassmoyer

I have truly enjoyed working with Bill for the 6+ years I was at Siteworx. Bill is the epitome of loyalty, has tons of patience, and is always there if anyone needs help from him. His work has always been top notch and he has always been very respected. Bill is one of the most adaptable people I have met, and adjusts easily to the ebb and flow of a service oriented business. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

- Gail Glassmoyer

My Skills

Art Direction Art Direction

I have a BFA in Graphic Design and have over 18 years of experience in design and art directing for print and the web. Visual design is my number one passion and at the core of my skill set. I am passionate about everything related to design and am well versed in all the standard tools of the trade (Creative Suite).

User Experience Design User Experience Design

I have been designing for the web for over 15 years now and have worked with many talented user experience architects. During that time I have learned much from these wonderful colleagues in the way of process and approach for all things UX. I have also had my share of UX engagements. I have designed countless wireframes and lead the UX phase a project on many occasions. As an interactive designer I don’t see how the user experience and visual design components can be separated and I am experienced in both.

Design Management Design Management

I have had many years of experience with small teams of direct reports, typically visual designers. But I also have over two years of experience managing a large multidiscipline design team made up of content, user experience, and visual design.

I’m passionate about design. For the past 18 years I have been applying my design trade to print, web, and interactive projects. Visual design is at the core of my skill set and is what excites me the most, but I also excel in other areas of interaction design, such as user experience design and information architecture. I’ve managed large multidisciplinary teams and have a good understanding of content strategy, front-end production, project management, and team management.

My LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Recommendations

Jerry Byrd Jr.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bill for a little over four years at Siteworx. During that time I’ve worked closely with him on various creative projects. He is extremely innovative and able to find multiple solutions to a problem. He is great at communicating and articulating solid design direction. Bill always ensures that any design revealed to a client is polished and professional.

- Jerry Byrd Jr.
Jay Moore

Bill is a tremendously talented designer, a great team player, & has a laid-back & fun approach to getting things done on-time & above clients expectations. He is simply a great person to be around & work with, & makes coming to the office fun. I’d recommend him to anyone.

- Jay Moore
Erin A. Rogers

As a project manager and director, my ultimate success is dependent upon my project team. In the years I’ve worked with Bill at Siteworx, he has been instrumental in leading our design efforts to meet client expectations and keep our internal team on track. His personality and management style fosters employee loyalty and boosts team morale. As a result, our teams have completed some very challenging projects but still maintained a sense of humor and perspective. If I were asked how I feel about Bill being assigned to lead design for my next project, I would say “Hell yes!”

- Erin A. Rogers