Erin A. Rogers

As a project manager and director, my ultimate success is dependent upon my project team. In the years I’ve worked with Bill at Siteworx, he has been instrumental in leading our design efforts to meet client expectations and keep our internal team on track. His personality and management style fosters employee loyalty and boosts team morale. As a result, our teams have completed some very challenging projects but still maintained a sense of humor and perspective. If I were asked how I feel about Bill being assigned to lead design for my next project, I would say “Hell yes!”

- Erin A. Rogers


While redesigning the main US News and World Report site, Siteworx and my team were asked to redesign the Best Cars section.We needed to create something engaging and exciting that allowed the user to quickly navigate to the desired content. A strong continuation of brand and tone from the main site was major goal of this redesign.