Jerry Byrd Jr.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bill for a little over four years at Siteworx. During that time I’ve worked closely with him on various creative projects. He is extremely innovative and able to find multiple solutions to a problem. He is great at communicating and articulating solid design direction. Bill always ensures that any design revealed to a client is polished and professional.

- Jerry Byrd Jr.
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I was recently asked by the management and marketing team at Siteworx to design a digital publication that they could use to sell the strengths and services of the company. I wasn’t given much more than list of probable content items and was asked to conceptualize and design out the publication with Adobe’s Digital Publishing System. Basically I designed out the layouts with InDesign and then used Adobe’s process to publish to the iPad interface. I wanted to create a fresh and modern feel for the company to showcase some of their recent successes.